How Lying to Your Landlord Can Cost You

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Lying on your rental application or while being a tenant may feel like it's saving you money and potential rejection, but those lies can cost you! The "costs" may not always be monetary, but can cause a bigger burden to your future rental attempts than you'd expect. The most common lies revolve around hiding a

Are Your Offers getting Rejected? Avoid these Four Common Buyer Mistakes!

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It’s no secret that the market is hot, hot, hot right now! While not always ideal, buying in a seller’s market is sometimes unavoidable. Read below to make sure you aren’t making one of these common buyer mistakes! Coming to the table unprepared In today’s market, it is not uncommon for one home to see an

The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

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Principal, interest, taxes and insurance are just the beginning. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or thinking about moving up, you should plan for extra costs that could add up to thousands each year. Michael, an accountant from Florida, is no dummy when it comes to money. But he was astonished by how squeezed he felt

Expensive & Unexpected Things That Happen to Your House

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For most people, a home is one of the most  valuable assets they'll ever own. Unfortunately, there are some major perils  that can befall a house and put a serious dent in the value of that asset. Many  of these perils are much more insidious than a fire or natural disaster. Read on  to learn

Summer Savings: Easy and Affordable Fixes

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The hot weather has finally arrived! Of course this means blasting the A/C in your house, and spending quite a bit of money doing so. Check out the following tips for quick ways to save money, and energy, during the scorching summer months: Insulate & Seal: According to Energy Star, proper insulation can reduce heating