Summer Savings: Easy and Affordable Fixes

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The hot weather has finally arrived! Of course this means blasting the A/C in your house, and spending quite a bit of money doing so. Check out the following tips for quick ways to save money, and energy, during the scorching summer months: Insulate & Seal: According to Energy Star, proper insulation can reduce heating

The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

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Principal, interest, taxes and insurance are just the beginning. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or thinking about moving up, you should plan for extra costs that could add up to thousands each year. Michael, an accountant from Florida, is no dummy when it comes to money. But he was astonished by how squeezed he felt

5 Precautionary Steps Before Any Remodel

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As your life and your family evolve, your home needs to change with you.  When children grow older, you no longer need a playroom but might require a music room with soundproof walls and good acoustics. Also, as you grow older, you might need certain conveniences that you did not consider essential earlier. Sometimes, as

Top 5 Summer Renovations to Add Value to Your Home

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LOOKING TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR HOME THIS SUMMER? HOW ABOUT DRESSING UP ITS CURB APPEAL? Maybe you are just looking to give your house that rejuvenation that’s so long overdue. A home is the single largest investment most consumers make. Improving your home’s curb appeal or upgrading some of its features is a tried

Do It Yourself: Fun and Energy Saving Projects!

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Here are some ways to help cut down on energy costs! And who doesn't love a fun and easy DIY project? DIY Laundry Drying Racks Laundry dryers account for 6% of the electricity used in the United States each year. Try out this flat and compact DIY drying system created by Debbie, from Me and

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