Do you buy houses that need a lot of repair?2019-05-08T16:44:37-07:00

I buy everything: From houses that need A LOT of work, to houses that need a couple minor touch-ups! We create value through real estate by purchasing homes in disrepair or foreclosure, fixing them up, and selling them.

What is a “cash offer?”2019-05-08T17:17:33-07:00

A cash offer is a very simple and quick way to buy and sell a house. I have enough money to buy your house outright, eliminating the need for a loan.  This makes the escrow process quick and simple.

Do I have to take your offer?2019-05-08T17:17:43-07:00

Not at all! My offers are always no-obligation.

How long does it take for you to give me an offer?2019-05-08T17:17:49-07:00

I love spending all my cash, so I’ll give you an offer as soon as possible.  My team works very fast and it typically takes us less than one week to inspect your property and give you an offer.

Are you going to list my house? Or do you actually buy it?2019-05-08T16:47:25-07:00

I am the one buying your house, then my team will help me revamp it and make it look pretty and new!  I don’t like the hassle of listing any more than you do. Which is why I will buy your house and pay cash for it, both of us get to avoid hefty commission and assignment fees!

When you buy “as is” what does that mean?2019-05-08T17:00:15-07:00

“As is” means I will buy your house exactly the way that it is.  You don’t have to pay for any repairs, or clean-up. Simply pack up what you want to take with you, and my team will take care of everything else!

How do you determine the value of my house?2019-05-08T17:11:49-07:00

I have a very good team of local experts.  We have experience buying and selling in your neighborhood, we have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the process.  When one of my team comes to your house they will assess the condition of the property, the repairs needed, location, and value of the sales nearby in the same neighborhood.  Pooling all of these aspects together we carefully decide on a fair no-obligation cash offer.

Can I sell my house if I have tenants living there?2019-05-08T17:12:38-07:00

Yes! I have a great team who are experts at dealing with tenants and evictions.  We will handle the whole process so you don’t have to.

What does an escrow company do?2019-05-08T17:13:00-07:00

An escrow company is a neutral third party that facilitates and mediates large financial transactions.  In regards to real estate, escrow companies protect buyers and sellers and make sure that both receive funds and agreed upon terms. When I buy your house, escrow will make sure that the money I pay goes to pay off all the outstanding bills with the house, and then whatever is left over goes straight to you.

What is title insurance? Why do I need it?2019-05-08T17:13:36-07:00

Title insurance is a policy that protects and verifies the ownership of the home.  As a seller, it is good to have title insurance to prove the validity of ownership to our team.  Also, if anything has been missed, or there’s something wrong with the title, the insurance will cover the cost of legal damages.

How long does closing take for a standard sale?2019-05-08T17:14:07-07:00

A standard sale can close as short as 3 days, however, most are between 5-10 days.

When you buy “as is” what does that mean?2019-05-08T17:14:35-07:00

“As is” means I will buy your house exactly the way that it is.  You don’t have to pay for any repairs, or clean-up. Simply pack up what you want to take with you, and my team will take care of everything else!

What is a formal home inspection?2019-05-08T17:15:15-07:00

A formal home inspection is done by a licensed professional.  According to Washington State law, an appraiser must obtain a license in order to practice within the state.  It is not an appraisal, it’s a simple evaluation for the buyer and the seller to learn about any issues with the home.

What’s the difference between Buck and a realtor?2019-05-08T17:15:44-07:00

I am very different from a realtor.  Most importantly, I will buy your home with cash and without any fees.

A realtor is not going to buy your home, they will help you list your home to show to potential buyers, and they will charge you a fee to list your home.  Realtors also recommend fixing up the house, cleaning and possibly staging.  All additional costs that you much pay before you list your home.

What if my house has foundation problems?2019-05-08T17:16:05-07:00

If your house has foundation problems we will assess the extent of the problems when one of my team members comes out to inspect the property.  No two houses are the same, so depending on the extent of the issue, we will most likely still love to buy it!

Will you buy my house if the roof is leaking?2019-05-08T17:16:30-07:00

Leaking roofs are not a problem for us! We will evaluate the extent of the damage when a team member comes to assess the property.