Maybe you are just looking to give your house that rejuvenation that’s so long overdue. A home is the single largest investment most consumers make. Improving your home’s curb appeal or upgrading some of its features is a tried and true way of adding to its value. And when it comes to making changes that will add value to your home, Buck knows the 5 best ways to make the change.


‘Curb appeal’ is the amount of visual interest a home draws at first glance. A well-manicured, tastefully landscaped lawn will create a welcome first impression for visitors. One of the easiest ways to create curb appeal is to tame excessive greenery around the outside of the house. Simply mowing the lawn, weeding, trimming trees and shaping other foliage can go a long way towards giving the desired look. Always make sure that no trees threaten the integrity of the home and remove dead branches. Next, planting a variety of seasonal flowers can create visual interest through their contribution of color to the landscape. Make sure to choose flowers that fit the style of the home, the climate and the soil they are being planted in. Finally, adding pathway and garden lighting can give your home an elegant look at night.

Focusing on entryways and patio doors can also add to a home’s value. The front door makes a strong impression on visitors and potential home buyers. There are many maintenance free style doors that include attractive options such as glass inlays. These doors offer a variety of colors and can simulate the look of wood. If you are not looking to replace your current door, simply polishing knobs and door knockers and replacing damaged or tarnished hardware can spruce up the look of older doors.  Remember that curb appeal is sometimes measured in a quick glance, so you need to make sure that it counts!


Patio doors are likely the most used doors in your home. Patio doors are not only functional but offer an opportunity to improve the ‘inside out’ appeal of your home. A patio door is much like a large window allowing added views to the outside and additional light to your living space. Replacing old patio doors with high-quality new doors can offer long-lasting quality, security, energy efficiency, and style. Adding French style doors, for example, can provide a luxurious look and feel.  Remember that curb appeal goes beyond the front of the house.  When you look out at your patio, you want backyard appeal as well!


The third home renovation project you may want to tackle this summer is replacing your old windows with new energy efficient windows. Windows that are drafty, in need of paint or just plain outdated can take away from the overall aesthetics of a house, and drain your wallet. While window replacement may prove to be a daunting task at first, making smart decisions on your replacement windows will not only add to a home’s value it will decrease energy cost and consumption.  Many patio doors have large windows, and if they are not insulated properly, this can cause a huge loss of energy.  Check all patio access doors and make sure that your larger windows are top quality.


Nothing speaks more to a home’s quality than a solid roof. Homes with dirty or unkempt roofs are not only an eyesore but could potentially cause major damage to the structure of a house. Common signs that a roof may need repair or replacement are leaks, cracked, warped or missing shingles, loose seams or deteriorating flashing. Outside, look for excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts. Inside look for peeling paint, cracks in the wall, discolored paint or water spots and peeling wallpaper. Roofing systems have drastically changed over the years and new products on the market can last up to 50 years. Roof shingle styles have greatly improved as well with the addition of composite roofing that mimics slate and cedar, and architectural asphalt roofing that provides attractive dimensionality.


Finally, when looking for value-added summer renovation projects, nothing beats composite and cellular PVC decking. Composite decks add to a home’s living space and also boost its value. Replacing an old deck with a new composite deck can create a resort-like setting especially when surrounded by gardens or possibly even a water feature. Add features such as gazebos, built-in seating areas, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchen islands and grills to your composite deck and you have one appealing space!

Composite and cellular PVC decking offers many features that just can’t be matched by traditional wood decking. These maintenance-free decks never need staining or sanding, and require little upkeep other than cleaning. Add a rainbow of color choices and the possibilities are endless. We definitely recommend composite and cellular PVC decking as it is durable and can hold up in any weather.