Even if your home office is well designed, from the furnishing to the fixture – sometimes, it’s good to switch things up a little.  We’ve come up with a list of quick fixes to bring new flavor and productivity to your home office.

  1. Setting it up in the right spot. 

    Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a room that can be transformed into an office den, finding the right location within your home is more important than you’d think. You want your office to be away from heavy foot traffic, that way – you’re secluding yourself from distractions. If you live in an apartment, there are several designs for freestanding bookshelves – once you fill in the sections, it’s basically like a full divider between the living room and your new office space.

  2. Keep the function in mind.

    When you’re working at home, you want everything you need to be right at your fingertips – because that’s the whole point of working from home; it helps you be more productive. Your desk, shelves, and storage should serve you, not the other way around. This couldn’t be truer so, rather than putting a love seat in as your work chair, is that functional with your desk? Probably not. Before you start adding in extra furniture or art pieces, get the essentials first and lay them out in accordance with how you’re most productive.

  3. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls.

    Your office is your workplace, how it relates to the rest of your home is irrelevant. If you ever go into a media company, the main office is very generic with cubicles and standard beige offices, but when you get into the area where the designer’s offices are – the insides are completely different and custom to the designer’s ideal environment. So, get rid of the dark colors and choose something more bright and inviting. Your best bet would be looking at your favorite colors in different shades to better determine how they affect your mood.

  4. Refresh the lighting.

    Nothing is worse than working in an office with generic florescent lights so, don’t let your home office be the same way. If you have a light fixture within the room already, you’ll still want to get a lamp. However, it’s important to place the desk where neither lamp nor sun glare will hit your computer screen.

  5. Build yourself a view.

    Nothing is worse than staring at your computer screen for hours, then looking up at a blank wall. Make sure you position your desk near a window so, when you look up, there’s more than just a painting – at most. If you’ve put your desk in an area that isn’t close to a window, but that’s the only practical place for it, then find a nice wall fixture to look at – while natural lighting through a window is ideal, this plan also works.


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