Are you ready to breathe some life into a dull backyard? Or maybe it’s time to change things up a bit?  Thoughtful backyard landscaping can be a fun project with a big payoff for enjoying the summer months in your home.   With a plan in mind, you can turn a boring backyard into a beautiful destination for your family to enjoy.  Follow these five landscaping ideas for embracing the outdoors and spring some life into your yard!

Sustainable Gardens

Environmental sustainability doesn’t have to be limited to inside the home. Consider applying your indoor concepts to your outdoor gardens. Sustainable gardens feature highly tolerant plants that require little maintenance. More importantly, your watering costs in the summer will decrease and your plants will heartily withstand harsh winter conditions.  Sustainable gardens add a consistency to your landscaping and provide curb appeal year-round!

Integrated Edibles

Diversify your landscaping by adding vegetables and other edibles to your garden.  Additionally,  fruit, vegetables, or herbs in your garden will be visually appealing and functional.  Several beautiful varieties of edibles will enhance your backyard and fill your plate. Also, you must mind soil treatments as chemical products may render your harvest inedible.

Water Features

Water features are backyard landscape favorites and can be suited to any budget. Whether it’s a simple self-contained fountain or an elaborate waterfall, the serene sound of running water transforms your yard into a private oasis.  Also, water features can have fun additions such as small fish or frogs, something fun for the kids to watch grow!

Outdoor Living

Living outdoors does not have to mean “roughing it.”  Decorate your outdoor space with cheerful and hardy fabrics and furniture. Fade-resistant acrylic fabrics will hold color longer from sun-bleaching.  Also, these fabrics are strong to withhold up to outdoor weather and bring fun flair to your outdoor living space.  Think about fabrics and cushions that are inviting for entertaining.  A plush seating area under a lighted pergola or gazebo makes a perfect day and night destination for you and your family.

Buzzing Bees

Bee populations are on the decline because their natural habitats are threatened.  Give these harmless buzzers a new home this year to keep your gardens looking bright and healthy.  Bees thrive in gardens with a variety of plants, so use least at 10 species of flowers to invite them into your garden to stay.


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