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10 Cheapest U.S. Cities to Live In

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Ever wondered which cities are cheapest to live in? Look no further – BuckBuys Houses gives you the information for the top 10 most inexpensive U.S. cities! 10. Idaho Falls, ID Cost of Living: 12% below average City Population: 57,646 Median Household Income: $45,990 Median Home Value: $146,900 9. Conway, AK Cost of Living: 12.1% below average City Population: 60,470 Median

Summer Savings: Easy and Affordable Fixes

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The hot weather has finally arrived! Of course this means blasting the A/C in your house, and spending quite a bit of money doing so. Check out the following tips for quick ways to save money, and energy, during the scorching summer months: Insulate & Seal: According to Energy Star, proper insulation can reduce heating

Expensive & Unexpected Things That Happen to Your House

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For most people, a home is one of the most  valuable assets they'll ever own. Unfortunately, there are some major perils  that can befall a house and put a serious dent in the value of that asset. Many  of these perils are much more insidious than a fire or natural disaster. Read on  to learn

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